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Sunday, April 10, 2016

I do NOT believe God is a giant white man.

"Heaven is real" - I believe that. However, the book and movie about the kid who 'died' - or almost, depending on which version you read - and actually spent time there has me extremely skeptical. If his story is real, then God appeared in a way the toddler's mind could grasp. Frankly, I think he was coached so his parents could rake in money and get their 15 minutes of fame.

God is bigger than that, and it's stated in the bible he has no physical form. Hence all the voices from above and the burning bushes. This is part of why "God became flesh and dwelt among us" is such a big deal. God encompasses the entire universe.

It also is quite plain that God has no gender, if you're educated enough to read the bible in its original language. I had a religion teacher in college that had, and he informed a fascinated class that none of the words used for God in the old or new Testaments specified gender. They used words that referred to an intelligent being (as opposed to 'it' which only refers to inanimate objects) who was of no gender at all. English, indeed no European language that I know of, has such a word. So God, according to the bible itself the way it was originally written, cannot be male.

As the Jewish religion and Christianity both began in the middle east, there's no way God would be white even if God had a physical body. Those folks never saw a white person. White folks were a lot farther north. The people living there at that time were all brown skinned with black hair and brown eyes. So why would their God be white?

So according to the bible, there is no white guy sitting on a throne up in the sky. People who think this are making God in their own image, limiting God according to the limits of their minds and then insisting this is the real God. Shame on them.

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