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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book review: "To Pleasure a Lady" by Nicole Jordan

Sometimes I'm in the mood for a real trashy novel. So I picked up "To Pleasure a Lady" by Nicole Jordan. Man, be careful what you wish for!

Nothing was wrong with the plot: Aristocrat Marcus Pierce becomes the guardian of three sisters, though all three women are over twenty-one. They're all marriage-wary because their parents hated each other, and their mom created a reputation-destroying scandal by running off with a commoner. They have started a finishing school for wealthy tradesmen's daughters, who are being snapped up by impoverished aristocracy for their money, but shunned in Society for their lack of the intricate manners. Marcus falls in love at first sight for the oldest daughter, Arabella, and sets out to convince her to marry him.

Then it starts getting a bit extreme. They set up a bargain. Marcus gets two weeks to woo her, and if Arabella turns him down at the end of the two weeks, the sisters have their freedom. She agrees. But rather than Regency-style wooing (yep, this is supposed to be set in the Regency) he sets about seducing her. And it's easy! One touch from the super-stud and she's a quivering pile of lust at his feet. They go at it like monkeys, in her home, at her school, out in the countryside where anyone could chance upon them. So much for being worried about scandal! Not to mention pregnancy. For someone who's very concerned about the reputation of her school, which of course is completely dependent on her reputation, she seems quite a little slut.

And then the descriptions of the sex scenes! They are so completely over the top they made me laugh, rather than turning me on. Rather than "ooh, that's good," and I read it to my husband, my reaction was, "oh, geez, you're kidding!" and laughter.

There are, of course, two sequels. Arabella has two sisters, and Marcus has two friends. Will I read them? Maybe, but I'll have to read some other books in between. Too much marshmallow fluff just isn't appetizing.

I still can't believe this woman best-sells. Yikes.