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Sunday, May 18, 2008

What price youth?

Checked out a book from the library, "How Not to Look Old." Some of the advice it had was interesting, some of it was so unrelated to my lifestyle I had to laugh. I can see where tight, knee-length skirts and four-inch spike heels look good, but get real. I'm a librarian. I have to do a LOT of walking, plus bending and getting books from low shelves, climbing on stools to get books on high shelves. Low, stable heels and longer skirts just work better for the physical aspects of my job. Now if I worked in an office, and the most energetic thing I did all day was type and answer the phone, that look would work.

And when did pantyhose go out of style? I hate the damn things, but most office and store clerk jobs require them. Besides, what nut is going to wear a skirt and bare legs in the winter? Not this one.

Where the author lost me completely was the pantie advice. Evidently anything but thongs is "old lady."

Not gonna happen. Give up my comfy cotton granny panties for butt floss? If that's what it takes to be young and hip, then call me an old lady and give me my walker! I tried on a pair. It felt like a permanent wedgie.

Just goes to show, when reading beauty advice, use your common sense and take it all with a grain of salt.