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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Religion has nothing to do with it

The Octomom is all over the news, and true to form the right-wing nutjobs are all behind her. "The government paid for her in-vitro," they say. "Oh, the goverment will pay for anyone's. You don't need a job or anything."

Yeah, right. Anybody out there who's struggled to find a way to pay for in-vitro won't know whether to laugh or cry over that.

Octomom got 160K from worker's comp, which paid for her in-vitro AND all her plastic surgery. She showed up on, where her own family members offered the before and after shots. The woman is obsessed with Anglina Jolie, and has had her nose shaved and lips plumped to attempt to look like her.

Why all the babies? Well, the "religious" right would have you believe that she thinks like they do, that every fertilized egg has a soul, and she didn't want her "babies" thrown away. Bullshit. If she really thought that, she'd have made her babies the old-fashioned way, or gotten artificial insemination.

Now the important part: the babies, who didn't ask to be born to this lunatic. There is no earthly way one woman can even begin to parent fourteen children under the age of 8, eight of them babies, by herself. She wants a four-bedroom house, and to get a million dollars for an interview, and thinks everything will be just fine. Good God. My cousin had triplets, and they had to hire an au paire until the kids hit school. And that's with two homebody parents! These kids, in a best-case scenario, will have to be raised by a half a dozen nannies. That's not going to fit in a 4-bedroom house, and her million is going to dissolve fast - if she gets it at all - paying salaries of nannies and medical bills for her litter. One of the older ones already has major health problems. Just wait till they sort out the younger eight. I'll bet each of them will need his/her own specialist. Not to mention psycho-analysts.

Antichrist? Hitler? give me a break

I've been around a while, through a lot of elections, and this is the first time the lunatic fringe of the losing party has set out to literally demonize the new president.

Obama is being called everything from Hitler to the Antichrist by these nut-jobs. This is so outrageous I hardly know how to reply. When a woman who came once to my writing group said he reminded her of Hitler, I thought it was just one weirdo. But then I heard the same thing from a woman in my knitting group, who said Obama wants to take everyone's children away and raise them in state-run institutions, and I put it down to another weirdo. This same woman doesn't believe in dinosaurs because they aren't in the Bible. What are all the bones, I asked? Dragon bones. She believes in dragons because they're mentioned in the Bible.

But now I'm seeing this same crap spouting from mouths on TV, from people with actual educations. There are evidently a buttload of weirdos out there, and I find that very frightening. Obama has called for all Americans to pull together, to work with each other to get through this difficult time in our history, and these people are saying this is Hitler, the most evil man of the twentieth century? Do they not know what Hitler actually did?

And what's with this Antichrist stuff? The Antichrist is supposed to come from the East. Obama was born in Hawaii, for pity's sake. Now everywhere is east of somewhere, but you've got to stretch it an awful lot to make Hawaii the East. And have you read the description of the Antichrist in Revelation? So where's he hiding the tail? And the spikey scales? Get real!

I find it very typical of the right-wingers that they simply are incapable of trying to work for the common good. Not one of them will be happy until every person on earth thinks exactly like them.

I hope they stay unhappy for eternity.