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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Trouble With Trust

People want to trust the people they love. But what do you do when that trust is broken? I saw a meme that said trust is like chocolate. When it's broken, you can melt it back together, but it's never as perfect as it was before.

There's an old saying Scotty quoted once on the original Star Trek, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." I guess I need a double dose of shame because I've been fooled by the same person several times now.

The first time my trust was broken by this person, I melted the chocolate back together. Maybe I shouldn't have. The second time, I left it broken. The third time, it crumbled. This time it's gone. I literally haven't got any more left. To abandon the chocolate metaphor, it's like I built a stone castle. It got ground into sand, and now I can't get the sand to stick together again.

Trust is fragile and precious. Once broken, it never completely heals. If you have someone's trust, treasure it. If you've broken it, don't blame them for trusting you. It isn't their fault for trusting, it's yours for proving yourself to not be trustworthy.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thornyrose Books

After quite a hiatus, I'm getting the writing in gear. I have three unpublished finished novels, and I'm going ahead with self-publishing. I am an indie author. At the age of 60 I no longer have time for the slow grind of the traditional publishing process.

My romantic fantasy, Grove Secrets, will be out in both print and e-book on sometime next week. After 90 days as a Kindle exclusive, I'll put it on Smashwords. I am also going to check Book Bub. It looks like a decent venue for indie authors.

As Home Again, Reb Dexter's Last Concert, and Like a Single Cell have been Kindle exclusive for more than 90 days, I'll be uploading them to Smashwords soon. Smashwords, by the way, will put the books onto Barnes and Noble for me, so they'll be available as ebooks for Nook soon after.

In a month or two, I'll release For the Seven Kingdoms, a sword-and-sorcery novel that could be the first of seven in a series. I have ideas for five more. Yes, that's only six. We'll see what my odd little brain coughs up for the last one.

Plague Scars, my post-apocalyptic domestic novel, will be out later this year.

Meantime, I'm finishing my first steampunk novel with a strong romantic plot. Annie's Doomsday Engine can best be described as Mission Impossible meets The Wild Wild West (TV show, not awful movie) on the Island of Dr. Moreau. After that I have a list of six novels to finish, that are in assorted stages of near-completion. Then we shall see about continuing the ones that I'd like to be series, trilogies, or even simply two volumes. I want to write a sequel to Phoenix Hatching, and I've got a rough draft done, called Phoenix Flying. I have two more steampunk ideas that are set in the same milieu as Annie's. I've already mentioned Seven Kingdoms wants to be a series, and Grove Secrets has two sequels involving the same family that are banging around in my head. Then, at last, there are two 'learning experience' novels I wrote a long time ago that had some potential. I'm going to scrap everything but the basic idea and characters, and try at least the first one again.

And if I live long enough, I have a huge list of ideas... I wish I'd gotten my writing feet under me a long time ago, but I've always been a late bloomer.