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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life begins at conception? I very much doubt it.

This last election saw, in several states, a proposal by anti-abortion factions to legally declare life to begin at conception. I'm sure they saw this as a means to prevent what they see as a great evil.

Here's why declaring life to legally begin at conception is a really bad idea.

First off, with all the new technology available, a woman can find out she's pregnant very, very early. And with this has come the discovery that an estimated half of all fertilized eggs (which would legally be equal to babies under the above proposal) simply don't implant, and pass out of the woman's body unnoticed. If God puts a soul into every fertilized egg, that's an awful waste of souls. I don't think God would be that wasteful.

Now: with a fertilized egg the equivalent of a full term baby, women who are having sex could easily be required to test once a week to make sure they aren't pregnant. Women who miscarry or have a stillborn baby would be under investigation for murder, adding to the terrible grief and guilt they already feel. Proposals have already been under way to equate smoking, drinking, and not eating properly while pregant to child abuse. How long before pregnant women are locked up and monitored for the entire nine months, if this amendment comes to pass?

If a fertilized egg is given equal rights with the woman who must allow it to grow inside her until birth, women will be reduced to walking wombs with no rights at all. Think this over, please! I don't want to be a slave.