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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who knows where the time goes?

I don't write in this so often for two reasons. First, I lead a dull life. Second, somehow that dull life keeps me running all day.

Here's a typical: get up at six, get ready for work. Work 7:30 to 3:30 with a lunch break (it takes me my entire break to eat my lunch). Then home. Usually we've got some kind of errand to run, after which my husband suggests we eat out. The earliest I get home is 6:30. Usually 7 or 8. I got to bed at 9. That's it. No time to knit, no time to write, no time to do any housework or enjoy my cats. I watch maybe an hour of TV and go to bed. Weekends aren't any better. I feel like a hamster on a wheel most days. So excuse me, it's now 8 pm and I have to do the kitty litter.


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