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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Earth will go on... without us.

I've gotten flak for my stances on the environment. One thing I hear a lot is, Why worry? The earth has been through many disasters. If we cause another one, it'll recover. Animals go extinct, others evolve. So why bother?

I bother because I'd like humans to be able to continue on this planet. Yes, the earth will go on, evolution will continue. But if we poison, heat up, drain all the potable water, and screw up the ecology enough that the weather turns apocalyptic, humans won't be part of that earth or that evolution. What environmentalists are trying to save the earth for, is people.

Trouble is, there's no profit in saving the environment. Tiger skins and other parts, elephant tusks, and the land the tigers and elephants need to live on is all too valuable. So we use  it up. The oil companies can't figure out how to make obscene amounts of money on renewable energy sources, so they don't fund the research and they spread lies about it. Meanwhile they're fracking the daylights out of every possible source. Here in New Mexico, impoverished farmers are selling their fresh water to frackers. Like we've got such an excess of potable water in this desert state. And when it's all poisoned - make no mistake, fracking poisons water - there'll be no water left to drink.

At least, not cheap water. Want to pay for water at the same prices as gasoline? Keep on, folks. You will.

Global warming is another hot topic. Of course, the uber-rich who are currently running America don't want to 'believe' in it despite all the evidence. It would make them have to make changes in their companies that would cut into their profits, and of course if you only make 9 million a year instead of 10, you've got quite a hardship. Mercy, how does anyone live on that? Poor souls. And who cares about dead polar bears anyway? Can't make a profit on them. So on we go, melting the ice caps, until sooner or later low-lying coastline cities will be inundated. Oh, you bet they can make a profit on that. Just watch.

We keep poisoning the air and water, cutting holes in the ecosystem, blissfully assured that humans can't possibly go extinct. We're immortal and perfect, we're invincible.


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