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Monday, July 8, 2013

Not much of a blogger, huh?

Funny, I write in my personal journal a lot more than I blog. Frankly, I'm too private a person to post most of what I journal, and my outside life is kind of dull. No big events to discuss, nothing driving me to a rant - although some things are getting close.

The weather has been kind of a big deal here in Duke City. We had drought for 8 months, and now it's raining a bit. And at last the landlord found a roofer who could actually fix the huge leak in the bedroom closet. Thank God. I was getting tired of having to rewash all my clothes every time it rained.

My two elderly cats, Kira and Tribble, littermates who are 15 years old, are having tooth problems. I don't think there's much that can be done, because they'd have to be put under anasthetic to fix that, and they're too old to do that. Plus Tribble has a congenital heart murmur. I'm pretty sure he also has arthritis. Kira, on the other hand, is still the zoomer she's always been.

I succeeded on the April NaNoWriMo, finishing a 50K word rough draft on the sequel to Phoenix Hatching. This one will be called Phoenix Flying. There will be a third book called Phoenix World. The germ has planted itself. I also figured out why the mutas were made, and why they were made smaller and resistant to radiation. Nyah Nyah, not telling. Have to wait for the third book. I have too much revising to do, so I didn't do NaNoWriMo this month. I need to revise my own book, Annie's Doomsday Engine, and am editing 2 books written by a friend. Honestly, I love rewriting.

Having to churn out 50K words in a month really opened up something in my brain. Not slowing down to analyze bad sentences, deal with typos, or change anything actually helped me figure out the plot. I started with the characters and the beginning, with no idea as to where the book was going. I ended with a rough draft that needs a great deal of revising, but has a plot and a point. Amazing. Since I didn't know what my characters would do next, they spent a lot of time discussing it among themselves. and it worked.

Writer wannabe? Plot stuck? Google NaNoWriMo and plan for November. I highly recommend it.

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