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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The definition of a good mother

There is currently the oddest competition among some mothers to be The Best Mother. They brag to each other about how long they breast-fed and how much they do for their children, waiting on them hand and foot. They buy the kid expensive designer outfits, do the child's homework for them, and let the child rule their home.

An example recently made the cover of a major magazine. A woman in a defiant pose is breast-feeding a child standing on a chair. From his height, he could be anywhere from three to five years of age. I can tell you a few other things about that child. He is very likely still wearing diapers, because she's going to let him tell her when he's ready for potty training. When he starts school, she's going to do his homework for him and scream at the teacher for attempting to make the child behave in class. When he starts trying to find a job, she'll go with him to the job interviews. If somehow he manages to land a job, she'll scream at his boss when the boss has to discipline him. His relationships with women will be transitory, because no one will ever be able to do enough for him and he's never been made to do anything he didn't want to do in his life. He will be an infant until he dies.

Because that's what these self-proclaimed supermoms do: they raise an individual who will never become an adult. And so, they will fail at the only true test of how good a mother you were: Have you raised a functioning, capable adult.

Breast-feeding is beautiful and natural and provides a child with immune-system protection and a full range of nutrients needed for a BABY. In third world countries, breast-feeding continues past infancy because they don't have the resources to nourish a small child. We don't have that problem in this country.

If you breast-feed that child past the time your child is eating solid food, you are keeping that child an infant. If you don't toilet-train until the child wants to give up the convenience of diapers, you are keeping that child infantile well past toddler age and very likely until kindergarten or beyond. If you do your child's homework, that child learns nothing. If you do everything for that child, the child never learns how to cope with life.

I have seen mothers in the library doing the research for their high-school-age children's papers. I have heard stories from friends about young people coming into job interviews with their mothers. I know a young woman, in her twenties, who lost her job due to chronic absenteeism. Her mother came in and chewed out the boss. It did not get the woman her job back.

A significant portion of an entire generation is being trapped in perpetual childhood. They won't be able to hold jobs, live on their own, have stable relationships with spouses, and will have no clue how to be parents. They will be ignorant, helpless, and unable to think on their own. They will be prime candidates for cults and hate groups because they will be looking for someone to depend on.

These alleged supermoms are in fact crippling their children.

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