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Monday, January 30, 2012

Computer crazies

Once upon a time, when I wanted to read a news article online on one of the many news websites, I clicked on the link and read the article. Now, instead of an article, I'm frequently faced with a Bing page that lets me read what I already knew and requires me to click on five or so other links to read what I clicked on the first link to find out. On each of those links, I find more links to articles rather than the answer to the question. And on each page (mind you I've gone through at least 3 clicks just to get a piece of what I wanted to know) I have to wait for all the pop ups, pop downs, slide overs, and video ads to completely load before I can read what I came for. Takes at least 4 minutes a page, and I can read the article when I finally get at it in less than a minute.

I hate this. I'm going to stop reading news online and resubscribe to the newspaper. I can read it front to back in less time than following all the links to read about 4 articles online. This is silly.

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