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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moving sucks

My dad wasn't in the military, yet I once figured out that by the age of 21, I had lived in 17 houses in 5 states. If you count that I lived in Kansas twice, that's six. That doesn't count the college dorm rooms. I moved from one room to another during my freshman year, and again had to switch rooms my junior year. Each year, of course, I had to pack up everything and schlep it home, then schlep it back the next year. Let's see, that's six more moves. At least they were only a roomful, not an entire household.

Then, after college but when I was still living at home, my folks moved again. Okay, 17 + 6= 23. So that was my 24th move. At the age of 23. Yikes!

Then my first apartment, move 25. Then back with my parents when my dad was dying, 26. Then to graduate school, 27. Then to El Paso: 2 apartments and one house, bringing my moves up to 30. Then to Albuquerque: 2 apartments, 1 house, and 2 duplexes: my grand total of moves at age 54 is 35.

Sweet God in heaven.

Every single move, stuff got lost, stuff got broken. Friends vanished into the past, favorite places are seen no more. But you get new stuff, new friends, and new favorite places, so it balances out.

I'm still damn sick of packing.

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