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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cat Shows

Cat shows are a lot different from dog shows. You can't get a bunch of cats on leashes to parade in rows. Here, the cats are in rows of cages until they are judged, plush cages with food, water, litter box, and bed. Toys, too, and the breeder standing by to talk to people. Most breeders have cards and brochures to hand out, because a great deal of their livelihood comes from selling purebred kittens.

Below is a GORGEOUS rosetted Bengal in a glass case. Next is a Household Pet in a lovely cage, and the last, a satin-black Bombay in a hammock bed. His cage was more of a tent.

To show the cats, their number is called, and the breeder takes the cat to the showing ring. It consists of a U of cages, the showing table front and center. Each cat is put in a cage, and as two males can't be next to each other, it's boy-girl-boy-girl, with empties if there aren't enough girls. The males are usually intact for breeding purposes, and if two are next to each other, they'll pick fights or spray.

Above you see a judge putting a cat back into her cage. The second picture is the judging process. They feel the cat all over to make sure that it conforms to breed standards, and swish a toy in its face to get a hint of its personality. Between cats, the table, the cages, and the judge's hands are all disinfected. That's what the bottle is, on the left of the table.

Above is another judge. As this was an international cat show, there were dozens of judges. There are also people selling cat-related merchandise. I bought some cat toys. I have in the past bought jewelry and clothing, for me not the cats. Below is a long shot of some of the vendors.

This lovely girl had the most gorgeous blue eyes. The picture doesn't do her justice. Her breeder is holding her .

The last three pictures are of the handsomest Maine Coon kitten I ever saw. I just fell in love with him. As he won second best kitten in show, I'm not the only one to be enthralled. I don't know which kitten won first. Just look at that noble face, those tufted ears, and that incredible fluff of a tail!

Only cat lovers know the luxury of fur-coated, musical hot water bottles that never go cold.
~~Susanne Millen

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